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Complexity of service – this is what distinguishes us

Green Forest – a unique producer of conifer trees. We have developed our offer based on the needs and requirements of our clients who expect us to be professional and high quality cultivated christmas trees. We perfectly understand that from their presence mainly depends on the success of subsequent sales, as well as the successful and memorable Christmas in every home

Po After planting the Christmas trees we care about their proper development and care with special preparations and fertilizers. Then we can deal with complex processing and packaging. The entire procedure requires primarily specialized equipment, which we have imported directly from Danish producers, so that we can significantly increase and accelerate the work on our plantation. Of course, our team only works with qualified people , which further streamlines the execution of orders. As a result, we are able to pack over 1500 Christmas trees throughout the day.

On our Plantation we do:

  • Packaging of fresh cuted trees in elastic mesh and on the pallet or cc trolleys
  • Poting of trees in special , frozen-resistant pots

Taking into account that one pallet can accommodate 80-120 trees and 10 pallets can be located in a transport truck, we can supply wholesale quantities of Christmas trees at one time. We accept bulk orders from horticultural centers and supermarket chains, as well as retail customers who are self-selling on city stands. Our Christmas trees will surely reach you intact, we guarantee safety and highest quality goods.

Christmas Tree Plantation

Let’s read our offer and plan meeting on our Christmas tree plantations where you can make an order or directly purchase your own selected trees. Of course, we help, and any questions please call or email us.

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