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Green Forest – Christmas tree plantation in Czerwona Woda. For over 20 years we have maintained the general tradition of decorating Christmas trees in homes and beyond. We cultivate the three most popular varieties: Norway spruce, Blue spruce and Nordmann fir, which we buy seedlings from German and Danish nurseries.

We provide our customers with the highest quality that results from all the work performed throughout the year. Our staff carefully and precisely nurture the trees so that they grow in suitable and safe conditions. We only use proven and harmless formulations that help the Christmas tree grow naturally. That is why we are a reliable and reliable source of Christmas tree breeding, which can be enjoyed by not only retail customers, but also wholesalers, garden centers and supermarket chains. Naturally, we provide mass sale of Christmas trees before their previous order, you can contact us at 505 858 555 or email We encourage you to visit our plantation and find out about the professionalism of our cultivation. Once you have determined your demand, we start to process the trees using a specialized machine or by hand, which allows for a homogeneous and proportional form. Then the Christmas tree looks a lot more aesthetically and nicely, so the subsequent sale becomes obvious. Then we cut out all the ordered trees and order them according to quality classes for your convenience.

Christmas Tree Plantation

Let’s read our offer and plan meeting on our Christmas tree plantations where you can make an order or directly purchase your own selected trees. Of course, we help, and any questions please call or email us.

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