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Professional equipment – experience and precision

We are leading in the market because we offer not only the highest quality coniferous trees, but also comprehensive and professional service. We have been operating for more than 20 years, which allowed us to thoroughly understand the criteria of choosing our customers, who run both wholesale and retail. The Green Forest team consists of specialized people who are very knowledgeable in planting, growing and caring for Christmas trees.

In our plantation in Czerwona Woda you will find Norway spruces, Blue spruces and Nordmann firs, whose seedlings are obtained from proven and reliable Danish and German nurseries. We constantly take care of our trees, using special preparates and protective fertilizers, so their quality is constantly increasing. It is only after cultivate about a two-meter Christmas tree we can take care of its processing according to a certain shape , then we make a mass cut. This treatment is carried out at a rapid pace thanks to the portal tractor with the attached cutting tool. Then in one day on the plantation we cut over 5 thousand Christmas trees, whose trunks are cut almost to the ground. This is a revolutionary solution that speeds up our work and provides a much faster way to reach the customer.

We have invested in modern technology, which has helped to increase our sales, and is also about our competence and respect for your time. Our task is to provide customers with ordered Christmas trees, which we have previously labeled according to the indicated recommendations. All trees are properly secured during transport, where there is no possibility of damage.

Christmas Tree Plantation

Let’s read our offer and plan meeting on our Christmas tree plantations where you can make an order or directly purchase your own selected trees. Of course, we help, and any questions please call or email us.

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