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About company – get to know our history and passion

We are leading producer of high quality christmass trees in poland, located in the heart of lower silesian wilderness, close to germany and czech republic, directly by a4 motorway junction.

The seedlings we buy only by quality checked nurseries from danmark and germany. we use only eco-friendly methods of cultivation, using only modern machines to develop our customers only excellent 1st class christmass trees.

All our trees are manually or with high clearance tractor pruned, to became an uniform level and shape across whole plantation. We use only eco-friendly fertilisers to keep the trees fit and beautiful.

We sell our trees to several clients in poland and eu. Depending of clients order the tree can be cut or digged and poted, netted and packed on pallet. We deliver to wholesellers, garden centers and supermarkets, but also to the owner of singles stands.

Christmas Tree Plantation

Let’s read our offer and plan meeting on our Christmas tree plantations where you can make an order or directly purchase your own selected trees. Of course, we help, and any questions please call or email us.

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