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Green Forest plantation of Christmas Trees

We act comprehensively and professionally, thanks to which we have gained many regular customers both wholesale and retail. Our professional staff take care of every stage of order realization, it means we form a homogeneous shape of Christmas trees by hand or using specialized machines, we make fast mechanized felling of trees. Then the trees are properly prepared for transport so that they can reach the destination in the same fresh and good state as on the field

20 years of expierience

Green Forest is a leading manufacturer of Christmas trees in Poland and the European Union. Our plantation has grown considerably in recent years. We’ve been equipped a number of auxiliary machinery for growing trees. Our offer was enriched with more species of Christmas trees.

In our offer you will find :

Cuted and poted Christmass trees

Norway spruce

Blue Spruce

Nordmann Fir

Norway spruce poted

Blue Spruce poted

Nordmann Fir poted

We offer also

Packaging of Christmas trees

Our offer also includes packaging of Christmas trees in special elastic mesh. Then they are dug and put into the appropriate pots. Green Forest is a professional team that has been cultivating and processing various species of Christmas trees for years, so we have perfected each and every order. During the day we are able to pack about 1500 cut Christmas trees, which we then put on pallets. The entire packaging process is fast and efficient, thanks to high-quality machines from the Danish manufacturer Treetech®.

Cutting of christmas trees

By Green Forest you can also count on the precise and efficient cutting of Christmas trees with specialized equipment. We are equipped with newest technologies that accelerate the pace of our work and allow us to accurately cut the trees. Then the trees we sell naturally and effectively on the City stands , garden centers. By order placing, we offer our customers the ability to deliver the goods intact regardless of their destination.

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Christmas Tree Plantation

Let’s read our offer and plan meeting on our Christmas tree plantations where you can make an order or directly purchase your own selected trees. Of course, we help, and any questions please call or email us.

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